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The First Artificial Intelligence Institute of Zhejiang Province Set up in Zhejiang Wanli University

On January 4th, Baidu Cloud Intelligence Institute was founded in Zhejiang Wanli University after a contracted signed between our university and Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Limited Corporation. This is the first institute of this kind being established in Zhejiang Province and is also a new attempt to promote university-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration.

Hosted by the Vice President of our university, the signing ceremony is a successful one after the leaders of Ningbo Education Bureau, Zhejiang Wanli Corporation, and Baidu Cloud Intelligence Institute established a long-term and steady cooperation relationship according to the principles of equality and willingness, mutual benefit, collaborative innovation, joint development, public welfare, and non-profit. As the source of talents in ABC (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing) industry in the future,the founding of this institute helps to apply the AI technology into the professional teaching in universities and cultivate the applied talents at the frontier of technology.

Ying Xiong, President of Zhejiang Wanli Corporation says that Baidu is a promising internet company and has been taking the lead in technology research and exploration. Likewise, Zhejiang Wanli University is the pioneer in the construction of applied universities. He also says that it is a new attempt and a great opportunity to our university to cooperate with Baidu. So the teachers and students of Zhejiang Wanli University should take this opportunity to keep up with the latest scientific and technological development and make contributions to the construction of applied universities.