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Nine Wanli Graduates Answer the Call to the Volunteer Service Programme in the Western and Underdeveloped Regions

     “I have finally realized my dream. I will spend the best part of my life where the motherland needs me most.” Proclaimed Fan wangli, after learning he had been admitted by the Volunteer Programme in the Underdeveloped and Western Regions.

       Launched by the Youth League Central Committee, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Personnel Ministry “College Graduates Serving West Programme” has been aimed to realize “The Three Represents” ideas, and call on college graduates to “Go West” to contribute to the construction of Western China. The Volunteer Service in Underdeveloped Regions in Zhejiang Province is now in its second year, and is intended to help young graduates to integrate their job choices with the need of the country and the people and realize their aspirations to help others and make a contribution to the country.

       Wanli University attaches great importance to these two programmes and Wanli graduates also show great concern for the programmes. Their contribution in the economic and cultural development of these places also makes them highly praised by the local people. For instance, Chu Hanming, graduate of the Commerce School has been very popular in Sichuan Province for his painstaking efforts.

       This year, the Youth League Provincial Committee commended Wanli University for its efforts in launching the program. Admitted to the “Go West” program are Fan wangli and Ye yuanwang from the Culture and Media School, Shi xingyong from the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Xia jiajia, Cai jiajie from the Law School. Admitted to the “Underdeveloped Region” programme are He zhen, Chen qing and Zhuming from the School of Culture and Media, and Ye kaiyuan from the Business School. Having passed the required physical examinations, these graduates will sign agreements with the Youth League Provincial Committee and start their journey in July. These graduates say they are well prepared for the hard work and tough living conditions ahead. They will carry forward the Wanli spirit and will spare no effort in serving the people and the society. They hold the conviction that the situation of the Western and Underdeveloped Regions will improve by the efforts of young people like them.