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Zhejiang Government Scholarship Awarding-Ceremony Held on Campus


  On the afternoon of January 11th, an awarding ceremony of Zhejiang government scholarship was held on campus in which the Vice President QIAN Guo-ying presented the scholarship to the winners.

Ms. HE Ji-jun (the Vice Director of the International Office) stated, “The scholarship is not only the international students’ personal glory, but also a pride of Wanli University which is an approval of the international education at Wanli. I hope the international students will study hard, improve their Chinese constantly, deepen their understandings of Chinese culture and become cultural envoys between countries versatile in Chinese and Western culture.”  Kyrgyzstan  student Tolgonai Duishonalieva made a speech on behalf of the scholarship winners expressing that during the one-and-half-year study in Wanli, she was amazed at her own progress as she was at a loss with her first arrival, then learned to communicate in Chinese and later passed HSK. Whenever she met some difficulties in life or study, Wanli teachers and students would help her patiently and thus she was very grateful to the University to offer her an opportunity to study in Wanli and a harmonious ambience to study on campus.

There were 22 Wanli international students who won Zhejiang government scholarship and Ningbo government scholarship in 2012. It is learned that Zhejiang provincial government and Ningbo municipal government offer scholarship in succession to draw international students from different countries.