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University of Dundee


“Healthy Mentality” Month (2013) Got in Gear at Wanli

On the noon of April 24th, the “Healthy Mentality” month (2013) got in gear on the little plaza in the students’ community. The instructor from the Mental Health Education and Instruction Center and the representatives from different colleges attended the opening ceremony.

On the ceremony, the knowledge concerning sleep was on display with activities of “Healthy Sleep, Happy Growth” from the Innovation College and made students have a self-evaluation about their sleep quality with a questionnaire by proposing “one-more-hour sleep.” The tea party held by the College of Biological and Environmental Sciences was very lively under the invitation of “have a cup of tea” that made the students slow down their steps and appreciate various teas in the refined music and share tea culture and the healthy knowledge of tea drinking.

 This annual “Healthy Mentality” Month is themed on “Health, Life, Happy Dream” that will last for one month with various featured activities. So far, the “Healthy Mentality” Month has been carried out for one decade with different themes and became a brand of the mental health education at Wanli, publishing 18 special issues entitled Healthy Mentality.