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American guests visit the campus

April 7, an American delegation formed by Asbury University, Greenville, Indiana Wesleyan, Roberts Wesleyan College and Central Christian College of Kansas visited Zhejiang Wanli University. The school leaders warmly welcomed the eight visiting guests and held a friendly talk with them about the international cooperation in the future.

In meeting room 102 of the administrative building, Shi zhongci, President of Wanli University warmly welcomed the American guests. Chen Juexiang, Executive President of Wanli University gave a detailed report about the general conditions and the features of the university. He also expressed the hope that Wanli University has more communication and cooperation with these American universities so as to cultivate the students with international qualities. Then the delegates from the eight colleges respectively delivered speeches on the conditions about student enrollment, faculty, student-faculty ratio, courses, international communication program, advantages and the like. The deans in Foreign Languages College, Culture and Communication College and Business School introduced the subject features and international communication programs.

This communication meeting will inevitably lay the foundation for the future cooperation between Wanli University and these American universities and colleges. After the meeting, the guests visited the beautiful campus and highly praised the landscape and the cultural flavor of the campus.