The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
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The 12th Community Culture Festival Opened at Wanli

On April 16th, the 12th Community Culture Festival opened with themed activities “Launching the Youth Dreams” at the little plaza in the students’ community.

The director of Students’ Affairs and Development Center, Mr. WANG Wei-zhong and the representative of community members together opened the ceremony themed with “A Fulfillment of Youth Dreams.” At the ceremony, the rhythmic and passionate recitation led by the Top Ten Hosts on campus brought the inspiring Chinese dreams, prestigious university dreams and youth dreams. The wonderful performances, such as, the vigorous playing from the Philharmonic Orchestra, the professional dances from the Latin Dance Association, the classic performance of Xiaobaihua Opera Troupe, the superb roller skating from FSK Roller Skating Association, the impressive vocal mimicry from Beatbox Association, and the Cosplay Show from Shenyin Anime Club won an immense praise from the audience. The ceremony reached its climax with six Chinese characters “Zhong-guo-meng, she-tuan-meng”(Chinese Dreams, Community Dreams) emerging in succession.

The Community Culture Festival is composed of four sections covering 36 activities and interprets Youth Dreams from a particular perspective of a community member to create an all-dimensional community cultural ambience with “Dream-seeking, dream-chasing and dream-fulfilling.”