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CAS Academician Bao Zheng inspects Wanli

    Mr BaoZheng, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president of Xidian University, inspected Wanli University on November 3rd, 2004. As the honorable consultant, Mr Bao is so concerned with Wanli's construction and development. He took spare time from a conference in Hangzhou and inspected our school.
    President Wang Yuanming gave warm reception and introduced the academician the progress of Wanli of recent years. Mr. Bao happily recalled his first visit to the school and was glad to see the accomplishments. In the company of President Wang, Bao went to see the Center of Students' Affairs and Development, Learning Resource Center as well as key DSP laboratories.
    Then, Academician Bao visited Electronics and Information College. Mr Liangfeng, Dean of the college presented the background about the college, and invited the academician to watch the video of the construction of the college's labs. Bao gave high comments on achievements made by the college in constructing the subject, promoting teaching staff and updating labs within such a short time. Then in the talk with the young teachers, Academician Bao told story of his personal life and education, and encouraged the young teachers to be honest, serious, and scientific in teaching and scientific research. He also guided the young teachers on how to make scientific research and write good academic thesis. The atmosphere was lively and hot. Bao was very easy-going and didn’t refuse any question raised by the young. All showed the good manners of outstanding master in science who concerns young teachers, loves education and respects the science.
   Chen Jue-xiang, vice secretary of the school’s party committee, also attended the talk。Chen was by chance examing the preparation for the evaluation of the Ministry of Education in EI College He expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to the Academician for his presence in the symposium.
   This talk lasted for about two hours. Academician Bao’s earnest and frank instruction was really  a meaningful lesson to young teachers.