The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Two Academicians Cui Erjie and Hao Bolin, Visit Our Campus and Deliver Academic Lectures

      On Oct. 23, Cui Erjie and Hao Bolin, who are former academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to visit our campus. In our Academic Lecture Hall, they gave wonderful lectures on ‘the present development and prospect of outer space technology’, and ‘linearity, non-linearity and complexity’. Academician, Cui Erjie, reported in details on aerospace developing process, military space technology, prospect for the future development of outer space technology and the development of our country’s aerotechnics, space flight projects and manned space flight, he also predicted scientifically on future development of our country’s aviation. Meanwhile, academician, Hao Bolin, explained “Probability Presupposition” vividly, such as ‘the law of sufficient reason’ and ‘the law of non-reason’, linearity’s conception, the complexity of energy information, along with three features of complex system, namely,  irreversible evolvement, regression and unpredictability of long term behaviors. Both of their reports received warm applause.
       Later, with full interests, these two academicians visited our university, accompanied by Mr. Chen Juexiang, assistant secretary and vice-president and some other school leaders. They heaped praises on the beautiful campus, also the first-class facilities in our library. Cui Erjie stated during the interview: “I’m greatly impressed by your unique operation concept, management style and students’ spirit.”  In order to encourage the students to work harder, he inscribed in our library ‘Study in order to apply, innovation is an important thing’, while Hao Bolin encouraged students with his inscription, ‘Great ambition and operable practice are needed in doing research’.