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“Wanli International Theme Series, 2004’’Came to a Close

     On the evening of October 31, “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004” held by Zhejiang Wanli University came to a close.
     With the theme of “making a snowman together with young people all over the world”, “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004” was devoted to cultivating students’ open-mindedness and improving their ability of communication, competition, cooperation with the youth across the world. With the overall arrangements by the university, “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004” was geared toward the university’s aim of cultivating international awareness and career program of Wanli students in its arrangement. Through joint efforts by relevant functional departments and colleges, everyone participated in it actively. It created an international atmosphere on campus and widened students’ international vision through “International Day”, “Appreciating Language Charm”, “Widening the International Vision” and “Cultivating International Awareness”---four sectors and thirty-one activities with special subjects. Meanwhile, it made a breakthrough in organizing , in wide range of topics and its far-reaching effect.
     On the closing ceremony, Ying Min, vice-president of the university made a speech on “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004”. He highly evaluated the achievements of the activity and pointed out that as one of  the “Four Campus-Culture Activities”, “Wanli International Theme Series,2004” had sufficiently demonstrated the educational concept of Wanli University --- “humanity, science and technology, environment protection and internationalization”. Wanli University has been exploring actively and effectively in terms of running a school with an international mind and considering cultivating international awareness of students as an important component of student-training programs. And the university has been focusing on cultivating young global citizens with the spirit of being the masters of the “global village”, the sense of international responsibilities, and the concept of sustainable development, enabling Wanli students to use international languages, learn international knowledge, comprehend international cultures. The activity also tends to nurture the students with international awareness, to have a good mastery of international rules. In the future the students would be more confident to meet any challenge in the competitive world.
     Those who attended the closing ceremony were Yang Zhizhong, president of National College Foreign Language Teaching and Researching Association and professor of Nanjing University; Li Yinhua, director of Foreign Language Teaching Supervisory Committee of Institution of Higher Education of Ministry of Education and professor of Fudan University; Zhang Weizu, chief editor of “English Salon”; Zhang Jianli, professor of Zhejiang University; Chen Juexiang, assistant secretary and vice-president of Wanli University; Yin Min, vice-president of Wanli University and the Organizing Committee members of “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004”. On the ceremony, awards were also presented. Some relevant leaders of Wanli University, honorable guests and Organizing Committee members presented relevant awards to individuals and colleges that have done outstanding performances in “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004”.
     In addition, a wonderful party was held. The fervent dancing, exciting speeches, melodious singing and brilliant dubbing greatly enjoyed the people present. It made a perfect ending of “Wanli International Theme Series, 2004”.