The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Classic Art on Campus—on the Drama "Listening Master Hongyi"

Recently, over 500 teachers and students of our university were fortunate to appreciate the drama “Listening Master Hongyi”, performed by Hang Zhou Drama Art Center on Qian Hu Campus of Zhejiang Wanli University.

With Li Shutong as his real name, Master Hong Yi is a well known gifted writer and artist, who has produced first-class music, drama, calligraphy, painting and poetry. Li is famous for his volume of poetry “”beautiful lyrics like “outside the long corridor, along the ancient road, the green grass seemed to connect with the sky” and “something you keep in mind will blossom one day”. As the pioneer of New Culture Movement, Li was the first one of artists who introduced oil painting, piano and drama into China. The drama “Listening Master Hongyi” vividly reproduced the legendary life of Master Hong Yi through skilled space strategies and timelines, delivering his great accomplishments in poetry, calligraphy, music and drama to the Wanli students, who were completely immersed in the art of this “father of art in the Republic of China”. The whole performance lasted more than two hours and finally ended in the applauses of the teachers and students. This is one of the cultural activities on campus that attempts to reinforce the culture confidence of college students and helps them to build the right views about history, nation, country and culture.