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A Delegation of Wanli Pay Visit to Three Universities in Czech Republic and Montenegro

Recently, a school delegation led by President Ying Min went to visit three European universities, including University of Hradec Kralove, Prague University of Finance and Administration, and University of Adria in Montenegro.

With over 6000 students at school, University of Hradec Kralove developed from a university with only one education major to a multi-subject one with various majors like humanity, social science, natural science, physics, chemistry, and political science. There are some overseas programs and exchange programs between this university and other European universities and Chinese universities. President Ying held a friendly talk with Deputy President Karel Kouba about the exchange programs between the two universities. A group of 29 teachers and students will go to the University of Hradec Kralove for a summer program of culture study. In Prague University of Finance Administration, Deputy President Roman Mentlik introduced the cooperation model with Chinese universities. And the officials of the two universities discussed how to build international campus atmosphere and how to make the international communication programs effective in talent cultivation. Finally President Ying Min signed a protocol with Dr. Bohuslava Senkyrova, President of the Prague University of Finance Administration concerning student exchange programs. They both wished to have more student programs so as to promote the depth and width of the two universities’ coordination. University of Adria in Montenegro is the last university the school delegation visited. President Ying and other school officials went visited the College of Marine Affairs, College of Finance and Commerce, College of Tourism and Finance, College of Transportation Communication and Logistics, and Mediterranean Commerce College. President Ying introduced the industry features of Ningbo and the general conditions of Zhejiang Wanli University. He wished to have more coordination programs with the University of Adria in commerce, logistics and marine affairs since we also have a national level logistics management major. Later a cooperation framework agreement was signed between the two universities in the fields of scientific research, cultural communication and subject construction. This short-term visit to the three European universities is sure to promote the communication and coordination between Zhejiang Wanli University and Central and Eastern European universities.