Ningbo City
Ningbo, where the Center is located, is a vibrant, progressive, and growing city on the East China Sea in the middle of China's coastline, with a population of 5.38 million, covering an area of 9,365 sq. km. It is the birthplace of the "Hemudu Culture" dating back to 7,000 years, and is a famous historic city with a rich cultural heritage.
Ningbo has always been an important foreign trading port in China. Its overall economic strength ranked 27th among the 219 Chinese cities that are of or above the prefecture level. And Ningbo Beilun Port is one of the 4 international deep-water transshipment ports on Mainland China.
Ningbo has gradually become a regional centre at the southern flank of the Yangtze River Delta and an important trading port in East China. A modern international port city is to be positioned on the East Chinese Sea.
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