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Our Swimming Team Won Three Gold Medals in Zhejiang Collegiate Swimming Championship

On June 29th, the swimming team of our university won quite good scores at the 2022 Zhejiang Collegiate Swimming Championship with 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals, the second prize of Men’s Team Total Score and the sixth of the Total Team Score. Shen Zhengxiao, a student from College of Logistics and E-commerce, won two champions in butterfly style and backstroke and broke one record, being the only player to break the record in this competition. Shen broke a record that had been held for seven years in backstroke style. After the competition, Shen was excited about his scores because he had this achievement on behalf of our university.

Since 2020, Shen Zhengxiao has won six titles and broken four records in provincial competitions for college students. In addition, he has broken two provincial university student records for three times in the third Sunshine Sports Swimming Competition for Chinese University Students in 2021 and the swimming competition of the 14th Student Sports Meeting. So far, Shen Zhengxiao monopolizes 5 out of 17 individual records in Group A, B and C of the provincial college student swimming competition, being the king of personal records. In addition to Shen, the school also sent four other athletes Pan Jiexin and Lu Yi from the School of Biology and Environment, Yang Haoyue and Wu Tuoli from the School of Design Art and Architecture to participate in the competition. The other team members also performed well. Yang Haoyue won the Men’s 100M freestyle, Pan Kai Xin won the men’s 200m individual medley, Wu Tuoli broke into the top eight in the men’s 50M breaststroke.

In the team evens of this competition, the swimming team members of our school won the third place in the 4*100 meters freestyle relay and the fifth place in the 4*50 meters medley relay, and ranked the second in the men's team total score and the sixth place in the team total score. The swimming team of our school was founded in September 2019. Up to now, the team repeatedly has broken records and won the championship in several provincial and national competitions.