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Olympic Champion Yang Qian Hired as the Ideological and Political Tutor of Our University

On the afternoon of September 5, Yang Qian, the gold medalist of women’s 10-meter air rifle and mixed team in Tokyo Olympic Games, was appointed as the ideological and political tutor of university students. Jiang Jianjun, Party Secretary of our university, presented the letter of appointment at the meeting, which was presided over by Wang Weizhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president. Heads of relevant departments and representatives of 2022 freshmen attended the meeting.

At the beginning, Yang Qian first thanked her first coach Yu Lihua, and also told the students of our school when a person can insist for the dream, this insistence has extraordinary power. She said that as a college student who needed to balance her studies and training, she had to endure a lot of pressure and even wanted to quit her shooting career. Thanks to the guidance of her coach and parents, she managed to break through the difficulties in cultural courses and enter Tsinghua University. In addition, Yang Qian also shared her mental journey to prepare for the Olympic Games: “The Olympics is such a big event that I’ve been trying to put the pressure behind me as much as possible, and do my best.” Yang Qian suggested that Wanli students pay attention to the process, not the final result. Yang also said that she was still training hard after the Olympics, hoping to set a good example and pass on positive energy to young students.

After the exchange meeting, Yang Qian visited the Qianhu campus of the school, accompanied by the student representatives. On the way, she shared her daily life with our students. Later, at the seminar in the one-stop service hall, Yang Qian continued to communicate with the student representatives about their growth. “We should find our position in life and study, strive to conquer ourselves and do our best,” said Yang Qian. After listening to her, the president Ying Min proposed that Wanli students should have a sense of mission and responsibility in daily life and study.The meeting was live-streamed online at the same time. The official video account was watched by 28,000 people and received over 20,000 “likes”. The Vice President Wang Weizhong said our school hired Yang Qian as the ideological and political tutor of our university students in order to influence Wanli students with Yang’s story and spirit.