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Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province Came to Campus for Inspection and Research

July 11th, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province Cheng Yuechong came to conduct investigation and research in Zhejiang Wanli University. Accompanying him were President of Zhejiang Wanli University Xu Yafen, President of Zhejiang Wanli Education Corporation Ying Xiong, and other relative officials from the university and corporation.

Guided by the school and corporation leaders, Deputy Governor Cheng visited the laboratories in Biology and Environment College, including Biotechnology Laboratory, Bio-product and Biomedical Material Research Laboratory, Aquatic Animal Gender Control and Application Laboratory, and Aquatic Animal Nutrition Physiology and Molecular Control Laboratory. Later he also went to see the series of research outcomes based on the cooperation between Wanli University and Mei Kang Biotechnology Limited Corporation, and some excellent scientific research products made by students from Wanli University. Meanwhile, Vice President Qian Guoying reported to the governor the development and achievements of the scientific researches in our university, who praised our efforts in scientific research and our stress on protecting ecological environment. Then Governor Cheng also talked to Professor Ge Chutian and his team members and congratulated them for their publication in the world-renowned magazine Science.

After visiting all the laboratories and the research products, Governor Cheng said that due to distinct features and advantages in talent cultivation, subject construction, and integration in industry, science and teaching, Zhejiang Wanli University is sure to make sturdy progress in future development and becomes a model in application-oriented university project.