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Wanli Volunteers Visit a Remote Mountain Village in Gui Zhou Province

After more than 20 hours on trains and buses and crossing over 2000 kilometers, some Wanli undergraduates went to visit Pian Po Village in a minority district of Gui Zhou Province. Arriving there on July 22, members of this Wanli Summer Field Trip Team gave the villagers variety of necessity goods of about 300 grams.

Located in Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Village Pian Po is one of the 44 poorest villages in Gui Zhou. It has f14 ethnic villages and 27 groups among which 293 filed poor families only live on 5300 per capita a year. After talking to the village leaders and seeing the changes in the poor families, the team members were deeply impressed by the enforcement of the State Target Poverty Supporting Policy and the efforts made by those village leaders.

When staying in the village, the team members also talked to the children left by parents who went outside the mountain for work. They were shocked by the kids who said that they would rather go to work than go to school. Led by the local officials, our students visited the whole village and knew a lot about their real life: some families were left with just old grandparents and grandchildren, and others had only old men in illness and young children in school. Looking at these people in need, our students expressed their resolution to help them to find a way out of trouble in future.

Held by Wanli Youth League Committee and supported by Pu An County Youth League Committee, this activity is an attempt to make full use of the advantages of higher education and help the young men in poor areas. At the end of their one week visit, our students said that they would seek particular families or children to help. Besides, they would build a public library named “Love from Wanli” and donate books regularly. And they would also open a “Dream Class” for the children left in village to make them get the power of knowledge. When they are about to leave, these volunteer students promised to make a documentary for the village to record its journey to get rid of poverty and to publicize it to the world.