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Opening Ceremony of International Wanli Festival

October 22nd saw the opening ceremony of the International Wanli Festival of 2018, which was also the Fourth “Life in Global Village” Event. Jointly organized by the Youth League Committee, Foreign Language College, and International Office, it attracted many students and international students of twelve countries. President Ying Min, Deputy Party Secretary Wang Weizhong, Vice President Chen Jian’ge, General Secretary Wang Fuyin attended the ceremony.

Ying Min, President of Wanli University, made the opening speech on the ceremony. He said our university has been cultivating high quality talents with international vision. And the social culture as the background, our campus culture has been aiming to broaden the horizon of our students, which has already become the featured campus culture brand of our university. As a platform for international talent cultivation, International Wanli Festival is going to promote our university’s international culture development.

Having been held four times, “Life in Global Village” has become a brand culture activity on campus. It attracted foreign students of twelve countries such as Italy, France, and Germany, who gave the audience a wonderful fashion show with their traditional costumes. They also shared with our students their hand-made delicious cuisine. President Ying watched the show and highly praised the overseas students’ Chinese calligraphy. This year’s International Wanli Festival is intended to provide Wanli students more chances to learn and feel foreign cultures with the theme of “Getting to know Chinese and foreign culture; Understand multi-dimensional Wanli University”.