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One-Stop Service Hall Opened Up on Campus

On October 22nd, President Ying Min of Zhejiang Wanli University, Vice President Chen Jiange, Secretary General Wang Fuyin and other school officials attended the opening-up ceremony the one-stop service hall on campus. President Ying made a speech at the ceremony in which he said the new service hall was built to widen the service area and promote the service quality for the faculty and students. Rebuilt on the basis of the “Sunshine Service Hall”, the new one offered over 50 service programs with newly implemented alumni service, teacher service, logistics service and the like. Close to the students’ living area, it would provide more convenient and effective service to the students and would be their reliable friend in university. Then President Ying and the school officials cut the ribbon to open the service hall. They also visited the hall and asked the teachers and students of their reflections about the service there.

Upgraded from the once “Sunshine Service Hall”, the new one-stop service hall embodies the notion of “student-centered and teacher-based” principle and the “at the most one time” policy. The staff in the service hall will take the faculty and students’ needs as the first and foremost signal, to meet their needs as the first standard, to protect their rights as the first obligation and to promote their development as the priority goal in work. Through the first-reception responsibility rules, deadline rules, alternative service schedule rules, and accountability rules, the working staff will continue to provide warm service to the faculty and students and hence make our university better and better.