The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Opening Ceremony of “Green Wanli Activities” on Campus

The afternoon of March 15th saw the opening ceremony of “Green Wanli Activities” on Hui Long campus of our university. Attending the ceremony were the Deputy Party Secretary Wang Weizhong, relevant directors and students of our university. Opened by the song “Dedication”, the ceremony was also a sharing of volunteer stories named “More Colorful Youth in Volunteer Age”. The volunteers from Leifeng Camp of our university and Public Benefit Entrepreneur Society shared their stories of volunteer service with the attendants. Twelve elite volunteer projects were also presented to the audience.

Over the years, volunteer work has been attached great importance by the school authority and been considered as an important platform in the promotion of undergraduates’ psychological and ideological education. Wanli students have grown up to be talents in the volunteer work with the notion of “work by anyone, anytime and anywhere”. This year’s Green Wanli Activities will guide the students to live green life with virtues through a series of cultural activities with the theme of “green life with knowledge and virtues”.