The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


A Summer Camp Organized for Marine Organism Protection in Xiang Shan County

Recently, a summer camp composed of twenty-three members and four teachers went to Xiang Shan County, led by the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Science. Organized by the College of Biological and Environmental Science and aiming to protect the marine organisms, this camping activity attracted twenty-three elite undergraduates from ten colleges and universities.

Members of the summer camp first arrived at the Song Lan Beach and had a personal contact with the marine culture near the sea. They broadened their views and had an in-depth knowledge of seas and oceans with the teachers introducing to them the names and life habits of those organisms. Then the students visited the research outcomes related to Xiang Shan’s marine resources and also had gyotaku classes. The students said that they came to realize the particular charm of Xiang Shan’s marine culture and the significance of marine resources to the scientific research and modern technology.

Through the series of activities, this camping activity aimed to cultivate the students’ research interests in marine science and their consciousness to protect the seas and oceans. And this activity also reflected our students’ concern and care in the cause of sea protection. In the future, our university will make full use of the scientific research products and will help our students with more platforms of local marine organism industry so as to cultivate more and more talents in this research field.