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Our University Being Invited to the First Sino-German Brand Dialogue Forum in Hamburg

On September 5th, co-hosted China Central Television and German-Chinese Contemporary Center, the First Sino-German Brand Dialogue Forum was held in Hamburg. The forum was intended to offer a communication platform for the professionals, experts and scholars in the area of brand construction of the two countries.

Involving a series of theme reports and guest forums, this activity centers around “infinite development” and “concrete communication”. The guests discussed notions behind the brands from prospective viewpoint and the localization of the international brands. Being the first two-way communication activity of the brands between German-speaking region and China, this cross-culture dialogue forum was of historic significance in the promotion of the brands’ future advancement. Zhejiang Wanli University attended the forum as a co-organizer. Professor Zhang Yiping, Deputy Dean of Sino-German Institute of Design and Communication, made a speech on behalf of our university on the forum. He said that with the institute as an innovative platform for the cultivation of “Belt and Road” talents, our university was sure to play a fairly active role in this biennial brand dialogue forum.

 Attending the dialogue forum were Mr. Shi Mingde, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Germany, Doctor Carsten Brosda, Minister of Culture and Media of Hamburg, Vice Editor Zhang Ning of CCTV, Secretary General Christian Köhler of Germany Brand Association. In addition, over 300 enterprises including Vitra, Alibaba, Volkswagen and Hisense Group also sent their delegates to the dialogue forum. This activity was reported by some distinguished media as CCTV, the Sinhua News Agency, Peoples Network, CCTV Net and China Business Network.