The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
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Wanli Volunteers Excel in the First ICF World Cup Dragon Boat Race

From November 1st to fourth, the first ICF World Cup Dragon Boat Race was being held on QongQian Lake of Ningbo. 71 undergraduates from Wanli University went to work as volunteers, providing excellent services in all the sections of the competition and even the carnival. Co-organized by International Canoe Federation (ICF), Chinese Canoe Association, and Ningbo Municipal Government, this dragon boat race attracted 34 teams from 28 countries. This race, though operated in the model of modern sports event, is intended to spread the traditional Chinese culture of unity, hardworking, and friendship to the world.

During this top-level international sports game, our volunteers provided excellent services with the volunteer spirit of “devotion, care, help, and progress”. They earned unanimous compliments from the players and staff with their confidence, enthusiasm, and dedication. These students’ wonderful performance is the embodiment of our university’s long-standing concept of cultivating virtues and socialist core values among undergraduates. Therefore, equipped with the idea of gratitude, dedication, and social responsibility, our students have had wonderful volunteer work in all kinds of international events including Olympic Games, World Expo, Paralympics, APEC Senior Officials Meeting, China navigation day forum, Zhejiang International Fair, CEEC Investment and Trade Expo, Maritime Silk Road PortInternational Cooperation Forum (MPF), Ceec Youth Exchange Camp, International Tennis Challenge, and the like. Our students’ professional volunteer work not only makes them shine in their work but also brings glory to our university.