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Wanli Undergraduates Set Out For Hamburg Campus for Port Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management Program

On November 10th, a team composed by Wanli undergraduates set out for our Hamburg Campus to participate in a 41-day practical program—Port Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management. The team involves a teacher and 19 students from Logistics and E-Commerce College, College of Biological and Environmental Science, College of Big Data and Software Engineering, and College of Information and Intelligence Engineering.

During their stay on Hamburg Campus after a ten-day culture visit in France, Belgium and Holland, the students will take part in the courses of “International Supply Chain Management”, “Marine Logistics—Green and Sustainable”, “Marine Ecological System Management and Environmental Policy”, “International E-Commerce” and the like. The students will not only learn the most advanced expertise but also have opportunities to visit and practice in German enterprises. Meanwhile, the students’ cross-culture abilities and communicative capabilities are sure to be enhanced after they have in-depth understanding of European culture.

Founded in September of 2018, the Hamburg Campus of Zhejiang Wanli University is another brand-new attempt in international talent cultivation and higher education after the establishment of Nottingham University (Ning Bo). There are over 180 Chinese Students and 16 German students who have finished staged courses since the founding of the overseas campus.