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Four new majors of our university recruit students from this year on

Approved by the Ministry of Education, four new majors (Cyber Security, Cross-border E-commerce, Asset Appraisal, and Supply-chain Management) have been added to the curriculum of our university and are expected to recruit students from this year. Having these four new majors, our university has become one of the seven universities that has Cross-border E-commerce in China, the first one in Zhejiang province that has Supply-chain Management, one of the first two universities in our province that has Cyber Security, and one of the first three that has Asset Appraisal in Zhejiang.

Having e-commerce major in our school curriculum, our university has solid foundation for cross-border e-commerce major. Furthermore, the founding of this major is also to satisfy the urgent need for cross-border e-commerce talents. The first e-commerce class was opened in our university in 2015 in collaboration with Ningbo Bonded Area, Yi Zhou Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, and 13 enterprises of this kind. In 2016, the first Ningbo Cross-border E-commerce College was founded by our university with the help of Ningbo Education Bureau, Ningbo Port Office and Ningbo E-commerce Committee. It was fine model for other Cross border e-commerce comprehensive test areas in terms of combining service, intelligence and talents and was affirmed by the State Ministry of Education. And it earned the first prize of Ningbo Educational Achievement Award in 2018 and was honored provincial model base for industry & education integration in 2019.

In recent years, comprehensive reforms have been conducted in our university in teaching contents and teaching methods according to economic development. In addition, some new majors were set up after careful researches and investigations on economic development. Therefore, the other three majors of Cyber Security, Asset Appraisal, and Supply-chain Management were founded based on detailed evaluation of district economic development and the current situations of our university. All in all, the top priority of our teaching was to keep making progresses in our major advancement and to build bases for higher talents so as to accomplish the historical mission of leading social and economic development with higher education.