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Four Majors of Zhejiang Wanli University Ranked First-Class at National Level

Recently four majors of our university were graded the first-class majors at national level in the 13th “National Five-year Plan”, according to an announcement made by the Ministry of Education. Apart from these four majors—the Major of Biotechnology, Logistics Management, Exhibition Economy and Management, and Accounting Major,eight other majors including Internet & New Media, E-commerce, IOT Engineering, International Economics and Trade, English Language Major, Software Engineering, Science of Law, and Electronic Information Engineering were permitted to build first-class major bases at provincial level.

Being a pioneer among those application-oriented universities, our university takes major construction as a main task, strengthens quality building, and attaches importance to the cultivation of students’ morality and virtues so as to achieve comprehensive promotion in education. Since the reform of application-oriented teaching in 2005, our school authority began to build experimental areas of teaching innovation and systematically promote teaching reform to form the comprehensive teaching mode that mingles quality promotion, problem solving ability and task based teaching with research oriented teaching and multi-evaluation. This teaching reform won the second prize of teaching achievements at national level. In 2014 comprehensive reform of teaching models was conducted in our university to keep up with social need and education reform of new era. With 15 majors as experimental examples, this reform was featured in the collaboration with regional industry development, three layered module-oriented curriculums and project oriented teaching. Then in the year 2016 our university was awarded second prize of Zhejiang provincial teaching achievements.

Over these years, our university has had distinctive features in education and industry integration, innovation and startups, and globalization. Hence much progress has been made in the school influence in terms of recruitment and graduates’ competition. In the past three years our university has been ranked one the first two in the hierarchical evaluation of colleges and universities in Zhejiang province. Statistics of Zhejiang Education Evaluation Institute show 14 majors of our university were ranked first in graduates’ business startups in 2017. In 2018, 1643 Wanli students won 891 prizes in various academic contests, which made our university 13th among the 56 colleges and universities in Zhejiang province. From 2003 to 2019, there have been 3013 students of our university who have started up their own business. All in all, the teaching reforms over these years have been quite successful and have brought enormous achievements to the talent cultivation and major construction of our university.