The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Online Thesis Defense Satisfactorily Completed Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic

Recently, students from the Big Data and Software Engineering College finished their undergraduate thesis defense via “Cloud Defense”. Altogether there were 59 students attending this activity that lasted for nearly 8 hours and finally 30 of them passed the defense. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, this undergraduate thesis defense was scheduled as usually due to the internet and the online platforms. The 9 teachers and 59 students all made full preparations and were divided into 3 groups. The teachers and students had quite good communications about how to conduct this activity on the Ding talk platform and finally made out a careful plan about the procedure.

At the beginning of the defense, each student was invited to attend the online video meeting room where the student would open the shared window and desktop. Then the student was expected to demonstrate the finished project to the teachers and answer the questions concerning the application background, the functions and the techniques of the project. Notwithstanding the impact of the pandemic, there were still many excellent designed projects including the design of management system, the design of APP, the design of software for big data analysis and the like. These projects would be beneficial to various walks of life such as online education, video conference, environmental protection, and industrial internet.

“Both the teachers and the students enjoyed thesis defense and made many efforts for it. The teachers’ and students’ arduous work contributed to the complete success of this defense activity,” said Mr. Chai Bencheng, Deputy Director of Computing Department. Mr. Cen Zhongdi, Deputy Dean of Big Data and Software Engineering College pointed out that technically speaking there is no difference between online and offline defense. He said distance does not do any harm to the effect of online thesis defense. In fact this “cloud thesis defense” would be a new attempt in the teaching reform of how to integrate online and offline class. It was reported that other colleges of our university would begin the undergraduate thesis defense as well.