The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Wanli Student Volunteers Join in the Maintenance Work of Ancient Roads

“We are happy to join in such work,” exclaimed Wanli student volunteers who worked busily in fairly hot weather to maintain the ancient road of Xiao Bai Ridge in Dongwu Town of Yinzhou District. After being launched by by Ningbo Evening News and Dongwu Government, the activity “I AM FIXING ANCIENT ROADS IN TIANTONG” has attracted volunteers from all walks of life including our students from Landscape Architecture Design. On June 10th, more than 50 Wanli volunteers went to Tiantong Mountain and began their meaningful social practice. This is the first time that Ninbo college student teams participated in the fixing of Tiantong ancient roads.  

Due to the usual training of using hammers and shovels at school, our students found it not a chore but a fun to tamp the soil and lay the stones in the woods. They cooperated with each other and worked systematically to fix the road. With sweat on their heads and smile on their faces, these young men filled the ancient road with their vigor and passion. The wild cherries found at rest made the young volunteers even more excited about the beautiful place. “We’ve gained a lot in this social practice because this is a chance for us to convert the book knowledge into practice. What’s more, this is a meaningful activity for we can help to improve the ecological environment in Tiantong ancient road and contribute to the tourism in the local place.” Said one volunteer from Zhejiang Wanli University. With only dozens of meters are not yet fixed, this repair work is coming to an end after the collaborative efforts made by people from all walks of life.