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Zhejiang Wanli University is a provincial undergraduate university with a history of 73 years. It was formerly Ningbo Agricultural College, the Ningbo Branch of Zhejiang Agricultural University, and then Zhejiang Rural Technical Teachers College. In 1999, the college was approved by the Ministry of Education to become a new type of university—“a public university that implements new management models and operating mechanisms”, which is highly acclaimed by education experts as “an exemplary practice of modern university system with Chinese characteristics”.

Located in the city of Ningbo, the university has a construction area of 650,000 square meters, and it is composed of its five campuses at Qianhu, Huilong, Ninghai, Hi-tech Zone, and Hamburg, Germany. With beautiful campus scenery and complete teaching facilities, the university has been awarded the provincial honorary titles such as “Civilized Campus”, “Safe Campus”, “Green School”, and “Public Security Demonstration Unit”.

After 70-odd years of efforts and over 20 years of innovative development, the school has now become a distinctive high-level applied university that integrates coordinated development of multiple disciplines including liberal arts, economics, management, law, art, science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine, and it has been authorized to grant master’s degrees. In addition, it is a Model University for Deepening Reform of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education and a chairman unit of the National Alliance for Graduate Education & Development of Application-oriented University. It now has 13 secondary colleges, 56 majors, 3 master’s degree granting sites, and more than 21,000 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students.

In 2022, the school’s endeavor to be upgraded to a university was included in Zhejiang Province’s 14th Five-Year Plan for Higher Education, and was approved to become a “construction unit for doctoral degree granting project”.

We adhere to the educational philosophy of being “student-centered, teacher-based, market-oriented, and globally-linked” to guarantee entrepreneurial, globalized, application & service-oriented education. We are filled with the Wanli spirit—“As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we should give our utmost effort,” and we are guided by our university motto—“Strive, Persevere, Achieve.” By giving full play to the innovative advantages of the schooling system and mechanism, and aiming at the construction of a high-level applied university with distinctive features, we strive to create a “four-wheel-drive” school-running pattern: the integration of industry, science, and education; synergy among the university, the government, and enterprises; international cooperation; and innovation & entrepreneurship education.