Graduate Education

Zhejiang Wanli University

Master Programs


Degree Conferred

Master in Logistics Engineering (3 years)

Specialization in

--- Port Logistics and Shipping Management

---Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

---Logistics Information Technology Application

Master of Engineering

Master in Bioengineering (3 years)

Specialization in

---Aquatic Species and Marine Ranching

---Marine Biological Resources and Products

---Food Chemical Engineering and Food Safety Control

Master of Engineering

Master in Logistics Engineering

One of only a few similar programs at top universities in the country, the Master in Logistics Engineering (MLE) is designed to enable you to enter the job market equally comfortable with logistics strategy, the management of logistics operations, and engineering tasks such as facility design and implementation of logistics technology. Purposely keeping the program (Master in Logistics Engineering) size small and selective, we recruit the finest students and attract some of the most sought-after career opportunities in the world.

The MLE program allows you to go beyond the classroom by providing solutions to logistics-related programs for major companies.

Core Courses

  • Logistics Management Logistics      Decisions & Control

  • Warehouse & Facility Design      Transportation Management

  • Logistics Technology & Application      Field Problems in Logistics

  • Supply Chain Management      Global Sourcing

Master in Bioengineering

This program, provided by the Faculty of Biological & Environmental Sciences of ZWU, has a foundation of 60-year development in bioengineering related fields, adopting dual tutorial system to ensure mentors from school and enterprise mutually share the guidance work to students’ course study, project research, internship and graduation dissertation and so on in order to cultivate applied and inter-disciplinary talents, with strong practical and innovation abilities, who are able to engaged in pharmaceuticals, technology development, engineering design and biological processing design and control in related fields of biological health food, biological agriculture and marine biology.

Graduates from this program are highly demanded because of the related talents shortage and huge industry needs.

Core Courses

  • Biological Chemistrybr

  • The Principle of Food Engineering

  • Microbiology

  • Molecular Biology and Gene Engineering

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Biopharmaceutical Technology

  • Food and Nutrition

The Zhejiang Provincial & Ningbo Municipal Government Scholarship

Cost and Fees

Tuition fee:RMB 30,0000 yuan /year
Application fee: RMB 500yuan (unrefundable)
Registration fee:RMB 240 yuan
Accommodation:approximately 1,500 yuan/month

Materials Required for Application

1. Bachelor's Degree' Certificate and Transcripts
2. Language Requirement: equivalent or over ILETS 5.5
3. Detailed Resume and Statement of Purpose 
4. One Recommendation Letter
5. The Application Form
6. A Copy of your Passport's ID Page.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted for all term, although Fall term only.
Deadline for Applying: 30th of May

Submit The Paper Application to the International College, ZWU, China
Please send the application and required enclosures to:

Ada Chang (Ms)
International College, Zhejiang Wanli University
No.8 South Qianhu Road, Ningbo, China 315100