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Message from the President

President's welcome

Dear friends,

Welcome to Zhejiang Wanli University! Ours is a state-owned university with a history of 73 years, known for implementing a new operating model. “Strive, Persevere, Achieve” is our university motto, which expresses the unique “Wanli Spirit”.

Our guiding philosophy is that the interest of the students should be given top priority. We are determined to ensure the highest quality of our teaching staff. It is our goal to face up to the market demands and interact with the international academic community while exploring the new path for China’s higher education in the light of the growing demand for tertiary education. 

We are very conscious of our duty to produce high quality students with proactive characteristics. Ingenuity and an innovative spirit are highlighted at Zhejiang Wanli University. I extend a warm welcome to all international students as well as international academic and administrative staff. Furthermore, we are keen to seek cooperation with foreign universities and enterprises. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Wanli!

Lin Zhihua
President of ZWU